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What is a Good Relationship Anyway?

A thriving relationship results from giving generously and receiving graciously and having an equal understanding of our value to the relationship.
Simple, but not always easy. The Relating Game can help.

The Relating Game: What’s In the Box?

Game Contents: 95 oversized cards in five juicy “flavors”.

Object: Co-create an intentional relationship with ease and joy.

  • Domain Cards (22 red cards): What do you value most? How about your partner? These cards are deep sonar for likely relationship icebergs in lifestyle or values.
  • Competency Cards (35 indigo cards): What can you do? Learn and share a new skills-based love language to navigate change with ease and grace.
  • Conversations for Intimacy Cards (25 green cards): What is your heart’s deepest longing? Dive deep with your partner or yourself (into me I see) through courageous and evocative conversation.
  • Practices for Intimacy Cards (12 orange cards): How open to love can you be?Center, relax and enjoy powerful workshop exercises for being heard, seen and deeply understood.
  • Pause Card (1 orange card but reusable). How quickly can I notice I am flustered or off center? How gentle and nurturing with myself can I be?Not to be confused with the Monopoly Get out of Jail Free card, the pause card is a breath, a timeout.   When brandished with aplomb, both players bow out and take five. Or ten. Or 15. But no more. Please ground and center before resuming play.

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Hear Paula Love describe the Relating Game in her own words.

Game demo video by Marci Nelson-Garrison of CoachingToys.com