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What People Are Saying about The Relating Game

” We were so excited that, after 15 years together, The Relating Game opened new conversations and possibilities for us.” –S.N. and K.W., Portland, OR

“We appreciated that The Relating Game took the responsibility for having to try to manage the conversational dynamic, leaving us free to just be ‘in’ the conversation.”–R.P. and G.D., Portland, OR

“As a single woman, looking for a long-term relationship, I developed clarity about what conversations and practices I will want to be in with prospective partners.”--C.S., Seattle, WA

“We’re newly engaged, and The Relating Game clarified areas for us to focus on as we move forward together.”–J.J. and M. S., Portland, OR

What Reviewers are saying about The Relating Game

The Relating Game™ is the most exciting tool for relationship coaching I’ve seen to-date. It offers structures for work between sessions and is absolutely perfect for couples retreats and workshops.

The 96 cards are divided into categories: domain cards (what do you value most?), competency cards (what can you do?), intimacy cards (what is your heart’s deepest longing?), practice cards (how open to love can you be?) and one pause card (to be used when you need a break). The practice cards offer wonderful connecting exercises. The domain cards provide a place to focus on topics like career, aging parents, wealth building, purpose, legacy and sex. The intimacy cards are conversation prompts around subjects like trust, boredom, joy, recognition, etc.

It’s the competencies category that really sets the product apart and takes it beyond just a powerful conversation tool. After creating a vision around one of the domain areas,you are guided to identify the competencies needed to succeed,not only to celebrate the competencies you have, but to create a plan for the ones that need to be developed.

This makes it an extraordinary coaching tool. I’ve only scratched the surface and highly recommend this tool if you do relationship work. I promise that as you begin to explore the cards you will find many ways to use them with your clients.

The Relating Game™ Deeper Intimacy and More Meaningful Connections for Individuals and Couples By Marcy Nelson-Garrison, MA, LP, CPCC